Corporate Governance

Governance Framework

Corporate Governance at banks is of paramount importance to ensure sound practices, promoting transparency and efficiency, in consistency with the law. The Board and the management of NBK-Egypt are committed to the long-term success of the Bank and generating stable and sustainable returns for the shareholders. Standards of Corporate Governance, in particular those defined by Central Bank of Egypt and other regulatory bodies, are fundamental in supporting NBK-Egypt to facilitate better execution of activities and creating sustainable shareholder value, without overlooking the interests of other stakeholders in the Bank and the business community at large.

NBK-Egypt is continuously developing its Corporate Governance framework to meet the highest standards by leading professional bodies and regulatory authorities. The Bank’s governance framework outlines a consistent approach across the Bank infused into its culture and will be reviewed on a periodic basis by the Board of Directors.

NBK-Egypt as a whole, along with the Board, Senior Management and employees are collectively responsible for integrating the Corporate Governance framework into their day to day activities. The Board sets the “tone at the top”, the management ensures that the Corporate Governance framework is implemented through a robust set of policies and procedures, and employees follow the Corporate Governance requirements in their day-to-day business.