Variable Certificates of Deposit


A 3 year deposit certificate where you can place your savings for a fixed period against a periodical income.

The certificate of deposit gives you the flexibility of choosing the interest payment frequency either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually.

You also have the possibility of applying for a loan or a credit card up to 90% of your certificate value.

  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • The bank has the right to amend any of the criteria, terms and conditions without prior notice.

Certificate features

  • Minimum certificate amount EGP 1,000
  • You can redeem your certificate 6 months after the issuance date.
  • Certificates Dominations: 1,000L.E, 5,000L.E, 10,000L.E, 25,000L.E, 50,000L.E and 100,000L.E
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